The Silk Road Bazaar is now open!

Store Hours Monday – Saturday 10 am – 7 pm

Featuring a wide selection of imported goods from Uzbekistan and Russia, including:

Tvorog – Farmer’s Cheese

Kefir – Chilled Yogurt Drink

Greek Fillo Dough

Beef and Chicken Sausages – Kolbasa

Russian Moloko – Sweetened Condensed Milk

Russian Breads

Semolina – Mannaya Krupa

Buckwheat – Grechka

Glazed Marshmallow Cookies – Zefir

Cakes and Cookies

Lithuanian Chocolates

Sweet Corn Puffs – Kukuruz


Plain and Tahini Halva – Sunflower and Pistachio

Roasted Sunflower Seeds – Semechki

Canned and Dry-smoked Herring – Seledka

Canned Fish in Tomato Sauce or Oil

Croatian Seasoning

Pickled Vegetables

Frozen Pelmenis and Varenikis

Mayonnaise and Hot Sauces

Kvas, Dyushes, and Other Beverages

Honey and Butter

Turkish and European Teas

Mediterranean Olives and Eggplant Spreads

and more!


Stop in today and check out our selection of tastes and treats from our homeland.